Mojovision (Instrumental FreEP)


Shattastar Presents: #Mojovision the FreEP. A collection of 4 instrumentals, showcasing Shatta’s signature “Mojovision” sound, which blends dirty drums with heavy 808 subs and kicks, combined with warped synths and sinister melodies.

Download/Buy the entire set here:

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Coming This Winter


The follow up to the 5 star rated on Amazon part 1.

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Beats By Shatta Vol. 2

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Beats By Shatta Vol.1

A new instrumental album series by Shattastar. “Beats By Shatta Vol.1” features 50 new beats, going off his signature sound of gritty & unique drums, obscure samples, dark melodies, warped synths, heavy 808 bass, & unpredictable patterns.

“My aim with this beat series is to show the world I can make dope beats, and be creative. I’m new to the beat game, but I got heat, and I’m only gonna get iller over time. This is only the beginning.” – Shatta

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The Truth is The Hardest Pill To Swallow

Writer/ Author/ Fine Artist/ Music Producer Shannon “Shattastar” Branch presents his critically acclaimed book: “THE TRUTH IS THE HARDEST PILL TO SWALLOW”

“THE TRUTH IS THE HARDEST PILL TO SWALLOW” is a brutally honest, truthful, and accurate guide to relationships, marriages, dating, sex, and life. NO sugar coating, NO fairy tales, NO feminist or sexist nonsense. Just telling it how it is. The way it should be told.

This book is VERY controversial. It attacks a LOT of stereotypes and standards in society dealing with the opposite sexes. It will help couples, marriages, and single people as well. It will help many recognize their worth, as well as recognize GAME. This book will give you the dos, the dont’s, the pros, the cons, and tips of relationships, marriage, dating, sex, and life situations. Shannon will provide a much needed sense of pure honesty, realism, and common sense.

In 25 eye popping chapters, Shannon will assist you in making decisions that are difficult to make. Whether you should you stay or go. As well as reveal a lot of secrets to female readers that guys don’t want females to know. As well as secrets to male readers that females don’t want guys to know. This book includes insight from male and female readers, as well as single people, couples, and married people. The sole purpose of this book is to make you think, re-evaluate, and understand relationships, as well as gain motivation, insight, and self-worth. This book is a must read for both genders. It will definitely change your outlook on a lot of things.


1. What Defines Truth? (Pg. 1)
2. Why Most Relationships Today Fail (Pg. 2)
3. A Message to the Ladies (Pg. 9)
4. What Defines a Typical Female? (Pg. 11)
5. The Difference Between Wife and “Wifey” (Pg. 17)
6. Why do Men Degrade Women? (Pg. 21)
7. Why do Women Degrade Themselves? (Pg. 23)
8. Guys With Low Standards (Pg. 26)
9. Ladies: 10 Ways to Keep Your Man (Pg. 29)
10. What Defines a Good Man? (Pg. 33)
11. Do Guys Really Wait for Sex? (Pg. 37)
12. Real Man vs. Real N*gga (Pg. 41)
13. 10 Ways to Know if he’s a Good Man…or a N*gga (Pg. 44)
14. A Message to All the Fellas (Pg. 48)
15. What Defines a Typical Male? (Pg. 50)
16. The Reason Why Women Play Games (Pg. 55)
17. Real Woman vs. Fake B*tch (Pg. 58)
18. The Reason Why Women Lie More Than Men (Pg. 65)
19. What Defines a Good Woman? (Pg. 67)
20. The Truth About Women With Male Friends (Pg. 72)
21. Insecure Guys (Pg. 77)
22. Is Being Single Better Nowadays? (Pg. 81)
23. Words of Encouragement for Single Mothers (Pg. 86)
24. How to Recognize & Learn Your Self-Worth (Pg. 89)
25. Last Words (Pg. 93)

“This book is a MUST read” – Verified Amazon Customer

“You will not be able to step away from this five star book” – Verified Amazon Customer

“I have read this book over and over” – Verified Amazon Customer


*Print paperback version is available on, & Barnes&*

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